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Donate, Trade, Rent


If you would like to donate pre-loved textiles to our store, please email us at thedenimgene@gmail.com, and we will arrange to pick up your donation (or have it shipped to us, depending on your location) and set you up with a discount code for 20% off your next order with us!

We accept: 

  1. Second hand clothing in good condition
  2. Vintage clothing in good condition & vintage clothing requiring minor repairs
  3. Shoes in good condition
  4. Purses and bags in good condition
  5. Antique or costume jewellery in good condition
  6. Other accessories in good conditions
  7. Unused textile fabrics (must be at least 1 meter of usable fabric)
  8. Unwanted curtains or tablecloths, preferably made of a sturdy canvas (cotton, linen, wool, poly blends)


If you have your eye on something in our store but don't think you can pay for it, we might be able to arrange a trade. Your proposed item must be of equal or greater retail value than the product you are interested in, and the item you propose to trade must be in excellent condition. Please email us at thedenimgene@gmail.com with good quality pictures and a description of the item you want to trade, and the name of the product you wish to receive in return. Ottawa and Gatineau based trades are preferred, but depending on the value of your item, we will pay for the shipping if you are in a different location.


Want to wear one of our dresses to your cousin's wedding, but don't want to buy it for $100? Just rent it for the weekend, and only spend $30! We will rent out any of our products at 15% of the original cost per day


  1. We charge you for your rental before it starts (VISA, e-transfer, cash)
  2. You agree to take good care of the item while it is in your hands
  3. You agree to pay the full amount of the item should it be damaged, stained, lost or stollen while in your care
  4. If, by the end of the rental period, you decide that you want to keep the item, just pay us the remaining balance, and it's yours
  5. Rental periods can last between 1 to 7 days
  6. Ottawa and Gatineau areas only

Please email us at thedenimgene@gmail.com with the following information:

  1. The name of the product you wish to rent
  2. The dates you wish to rent it for 
  3. Your preferred method of payment
  4. Your location 
  5. Your agreement in writing to policies 2 and 3 above. Please write: "I agree to take care of the item while it is in my care and should it be damaged, stained, lost or stollen during the rental period, I agree to pay the full price of the item"

We will get back to you ASAP!