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About Us


 We are The Denim Gene Sisters, Hailey (left) and Lindsay (right). We grew up in a home full of antiques. As children we were always finding vintage treasures in our grandparent's basement, or deep inside some never ending drawers. As we grew up, we became more and more enthralled with vintage fashion. In July 2019, we started this little project which has since grown into a very special and meaningful part of our lives. 


 Lindsay (right) has a degree in Psychology & Neuroscience From Acadia University and will be going to York to complete her Masters in Clinical Psychology in September. 

 Hailey (left) has a degree in Microbiology & Immunology from Dalhousie University and is currently studying Fashion Design at Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy.

 During our free time, we find endless joy in bringing you beautiful and sustainable clothing through The Denim Gene.

 We donate 5% of our profits to The ENRICH Project (https://www.enrichproject.org/), so every time you purchase from us, you are helping us to fund research on environmental racism in Canada.

 Read more about our commitment to environmental and social justice here:  https://thedenimgene.com/pages/our-mission